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The Imperial Court

The Holy Imperial Court of the Old World stretches from the World’s Edge to the Great Western Sea. Unified by Blood, Iron, and Gold, the double-headed eagle of the Empire overlooks the entirety of the Old World’s human Kingdoms and stands guard against enemies, domestic and abroad.

The Seven Realms

On the continent, there are Seven Realms, each ruled by their own King or Princely Elector, who is subject to the will of the Emperor. These servant Kingdoms are now poised for open warfare against each other for autocracy over their own lands, but also for the throne of the Empire.

The Armory

Here is the Armory, full of what your player will need to survive the Time of Endless War.

General Rules

We will be using a modified version of DP9’s Silouette Core and Tribe 8 Rulesets. The more important items and rule will be found here.


As this is a campaign, there will be both time and opportunity for your character to grow in their skills and power.

Main Page

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